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Psychic Readings

Rules of Cartomancy. The deck, the cartomancer and the consultant Cartomancy is one type of fortune telling by psychic readings a random  selection of playing cards which is quite similar to the psychic reading. Let’s check out something regarding Cartomancy:

The deck

  • Choose among the dozens and dozens of decks on the market today that most attracts and that is particularly appreciated in design, format and colors.
  • In order for the deck to be truly considered from every point of view, it is necessary to free it from the vibrational influences of other people such as the producer, the seller, etc. that handling it, even if only by chance, have somehow impregnated it.

In this regard, there are really many methods, a very simple technique is enough; in a moment of relaxation, perhaps obtained through meditation, hold the deck of cards in your hands, imbue it with your positive energy and your best intentions; mentally repeat your name three times, and ask the cards to become your personal Divination tool. Keep contact for at least 15 min. then, pass the cards in the smoke of the incense to purify them.

Below, it is described the technique that is usually recommended by most cartomancy books:,

The consecration of the deck must be done with the crescent or full moon, possibly in the period between May and July, on a Monday evening. It is not a matter of superstitious limitations, but of suggestions elaborated by astrological observation which, by symbolically linking the signs of heaven with earthly events, reconnects both the Moon and the days and months consecrated to it, to everything concerning the sphere of intuition and over-sensitive experience.

After having carefully washed your hands, then spread a white or violet cloth on the table and place a candle, an incense stick, a cup full of water and a saucer containing salt in each corner: the symbols of the four cosmic elements, fire, air, earth, water. Proceed by blowing on each of the seventy-eight blades, front and back, then passing the entire deck, reassembled in numerical order, first in the smoke of incense, then over the candle flame. Continue again by laying all the cards in ordered rows, consecrating them to the four elements by saying aloud the following formula: “I (name and surname), consecrate and entrust these cards to fire, air, water and earth, to represent the universe and express only the true”. Recompose the deck again, display it for seven consecutive nights (because the number is the number of the Moon) directly in the moonlight. Finish by enclosing it in a small bag of white cloth together with some fragment of plant or animal always connected, symbolically, with the satellite milk of clairvoyance: shells, camphor, mallow or lunaria leaves, a silver knick-knack, a pearl. It will be advisable to join your own photograph accompanied by name, surname and date of birth; then wrap in a second white cloth or alternatively purple, the color of Neptune, and put in your pocket during the day and under the pillow during the night for another seven days. The cards must be stored, wrapped in a wooden or cardboard box, strictly avoiding the plastic and metal, except, of course, silver. And put in your pocket during the day and under the pillow during the night for another seven days.

  • Starting from the moment of the consecration, taking care that no one other than the consultant, limited to the moment of consultation, has the opportunity to put the hands and the relative vibrations on the cards so cleansed of any external influence.
  • Always to avoid vibrational contacts, remember, at the end of each consultation, to remix, rearrange and demagnetize the deck by blowing on it and repeatedly passing it in the smoke of the incense before storing it in its case.