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Table Ouija, what it is and how it is used

Although the name is quite unknown and apparently unpronounceable, it is an instrument that has certainly been used several times in our lives.

Often, in fact, it is used in films, especially in those of fear, since it is used, even in real life, in séances as a means of communication between people and otherworldly entities. In fact, they would use a medium to compose answers using, precisely, this table on which numbers and letters are engraved. These are the mediums online available in web.

During the same session, the participants of the séance invoke a given entity and, once this is done, gently place their finger on the slider with which this table is equipped. This will begin to move apparently by itself going to compose the answers that this same entity will want to give to the people who take part.

Experiment in a cursed castle with the Ouija table

These are topics that, like it or not, are always very interesting for fans of the genre, as they say.

It is certainly not a coincidence that this morning in the first place in the ranking of trends on YouTube there is, in fact, a video of an experiment conducted with the Ouija table in a castle cursed. The effect of these images inevitably, believe it or not to these otherworldly entities and séances, does not really leave indifferent. A few thrills will cover your back in a manner that is almost inevitable.

For the spiritualistic doctrine a spirit is a human being freed from his physical body but retains all the bonds and all the affections of his past life, indeed according to this doctrine, a spirit wishes to enter into communication with us that we remain on this earth to make us of the good. Reincarnation is therefore a fundamental concept for Spiritism, which is completely opposed to Catholicism, for which each soul is individually created by God for a unique and eternal destiny and is not reincarnated in other bodies after death. For Spiritism all spirits have been created equal, through the trials that God imposes on them, progressively acquire various knowledge. Angels represent the final point of this evolution.

According to the spirit doctrine, to communicate with spirits it takes a medium to act as an intermediary.

In Spiritism, on the other hand, revelations are considered as a qualitatively homogeneous reality with that of Christian, if not even higher, revelation. Moreover, Christian revelation is gratuitous by its nature, that is, it escapes any technique by which man can appropriate his contents once he has mastered certain laws. Spiritual manifestations are scientifically experimental. Christian revelation is fundamentally linked to a sacramental fact: the apostolic succession and the magisterium of the Holy Church, that is, to a human-divine institution, removed from the will of man. On the contrary, the spiritualist doctrine has a more or less accentuated anti-ecclesiastical character. Spiritism is condemned by the Church for the attitude contrary to the mentality of faith in God, as well as for the danger of demonic interventions.

Generally speaking, regarding Spiritism, we mostly have combined interpretations. The magisterium of the Catholic Church abstains from judging the nature of the paranormal facts that occur in the context of the sessions and with the souls of the dead or with the spirits of the afterlife. It is impossible for them to be the souls of the dead, because this is to be completely excluded on the theological level.