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In reading the energies, there is no secret: you need experience. Call A Phone Psychic Today

And the experience is acquired, through exercise on energies for example, or in a confrontation with people. When you are on a call to a phone psychic as the psychic about these energies call psych-hub UK. Pay attention to the nuance between the power of feeling, and the precision of it. The power of felt, unmeasured leads to hypersensitivity (which is reached to varying degrees according to each person), the perception is experienced, violent, as an allergen. The precision it provides, and the more it is accomplished, the more it allows being detailed in the perception. A good phone psychic will be tuned into this.

Good telephone psychic stability (identity), associated with a good anchorage is necessary before beginning the development of the reading of the energies and are to maintain during all the time of development and after. Psychic reading or energies is the ability to read and interpret the presence of energies in front of you.  So it’s like reading a book. If the sensitivity is the first capacity concerned by this point, the others supplement the reading of the energies (empathy, telepathy, and interpretation via teletouch, clairvoyance …)

To know the planetary energies on a phone psychic call

There, the correspondences and analogies will be useful to you, the use of the Kabbalah too, as well as astrology. We talk about study, through reading, then deepening energies by using you daily to feel the planetary energies:  for one week, each day, take the planet time corresponding to the planet of the day, and use to feel the associated energies, working on the analogies. Once this knowledge is known, and a sufficient feeling, move on. Speaking to a well-trained phone psychic will put you in touch with these energies. Generally, a phone psychic will not be expensive and charge only a few dollars a minute.

Work the universal energies:

The first point, and the most important thing is to know what you read. For that, not necessarily need to go very far: it is to know the energies in a general and fundamental way.

You can start by working on the 4 elements and their attributes , through the study of these elements, the feeling they cause at home:

Take a candle, a glass of water, incense (or wind if you have it in your garden), and earth,

Spend 5 minutes on each object to feel the energy emitted, the strength it evokes, the way you perceive it (felt physical, fragrant, sound, sight, touch …).

You can develop this feeling in several ways:

in meditation, working to try to feel, to define, the energy that you face

passing your hand over the element, palm towards the element,

by training you via the pendulum (which is only the channeler of your perception via the subconscious), by working blindly to determine which element is in another room, or where, then checking.

Once you are able to recognize these 4 types of blind energies, you can take the next step:

Learn to recognize his energies:

The second step: to know each other either. To be able to read the other is to know one’s own boundaries. And to be able to read the other, one must first know the general constitution of the human being.

How to read someone?

There are several levels and orientations of readings. Orientation that most often depend on our way of life.

  • Physics: illness, other
  • Astral: emotion
  • Mental: psyche
  • Causal: potential-potentiality-becoming

For example, a nurse will tend to read the energies of the patient naturally and thus perceive (under different perceptions) the diseases of the other is reading in relation to the physical plane.

Thus, one can understand that a person who reads the emotion, without understanding the reason, does not perceive the mental aspect. As someone who perceives the thought, the emotion, but not the event that is the source of this result, he does not perceive the causal.